Sari Eran Herskovitz


I’m an artist and an art therapist. I hope to create artworks that would leave the viewers space to dive into, imagine and create their own story.

I believe in the ability of art to connect people, and in the connection and flow between art forms and mediums. Besides illustrating I love improvising in music and dance.

Games I created:

“Flow Storytelling Cards” :
A storytelling cards game I invented and illustrated.
It includes 48 cards which can be used in various ways to create a story.
The cards are used by mental health therapists, teachers and parents.

“Dance Inspiration Cards" :
A game I created in which the cards are used as an inspiration for movement and dance. The images were created especially for the game in order to inspire different types of movement and self expression. The game is used by dance and drama teachers, therapists and parents.


Dear Sari,
I warmly recommend the wonderful cards you have created. I often use the cards in my work as an art therapist, both in group sessions and in individual sessions. The cards, in their simplicity and attractive colors, captivate young clients as well as adults. Each one of my clients finds a whole world in your cards.
Thank you,
Atalia Liberman Markus
Art Therapist

Dear Sari,
I warmly recommend the cards! They are great for working with groups.
Avia Reches
5 Rhythms movement Teacher

Dear Sari! The cards are wonderful! As an instructor of people in the vocal and stage arts, I have found a wonderful use for the cards as mediators of everything not spoken in words! I recommend the cards for all teachers, artists, dancers and therapists.
Inbal Goldblit
Theatre and Vocal training Workshops

Dancers, Actors, Teachers – look no further.
I use Sari’s cards in drama class, to encourage connection and openness between students, and wake up the imagination, that needs so much encouragement today.
Shai Vilozni,
Actor and Drama Teacher

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